Jenna Dewan Lifetime Movie | Thrillers Continue to Grip Audiences Today

Jenna Dewan Lifetime Movie | Thrillers Continue to Grip Audiences Today


Jenna Dewan Lifetime Movie: Jenna Dewan still reigns supreme in the realm of Lifetime movies! Her chilling turns in two 2023 thrillers continue to grip audiences today. In Devil on My Doorstep, released last November, Dewan portrays Natasha, an influencer grappling with grief and a stalker’s twisted obsession. Every frame crackles with suspense as you untangle secrets alongside Natasha.

Jenna Dewan is no stranger to portraying complex characters, but her latest role in the Lifetime movie “Devil on My Doorstep” takes things to a whole new level. In the film, Dewan stars as Natasha, a successful influencer grieving the loss of her husband. Her seemingly picture-perfect life takes a dark turn when she becomes the target of an unhealthy obsession from Theo (played by Dewan’s real-life fiancé, Steve Kazee), a charming but dangerous delivery man.

“Devil on My Doorstep” marks a new chapter in Dewan’s career, showcasing her ability to go beyond the glitz and glamour of her on-screen persona and delve into the depths of human emotion. The film is a chilling reminder of the dangers that lurk online and the importance of staying vigilant, even when it comes to seemingly harmless interactions.


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In 2000, Jenna Dewan made her debut in Janet Jackson’s “Doesn’t Really Matter” video, setting the stage for a successful career in dance and acting. Her collaboration with Jackson propelled her career, leading to roles in films like “Step Up” (2006) and “Take the Lead” (2006).

Dewan’s acting ventures include the NBC series “The Playboy Club” (2011), the film “The Jerk Theory” (2011), and TV shows like “Witches of East End” (2013) and “Supergirl” (2015). Apart from her on-screen work, she co-founded the production company 33andOut Productions with Channing Tatum, producing projects like the documentary “Earth Made of Glass” (2010) and the series “Step Up.”


Jenna Dewan Lifetime Movie | Thrillers Continue to Grip Audiences Today
Jenna Dewan Lifetime Movie | Thrillers Continue to Grip Audiences Today


Key Points:


  • Debut in Janet Jackson’s “Doesn’t Really Matter” video in 2000.
  • Collaborated with Jackson in “All for You” and toured in 2001.
  • Modeled for Danskin in 2016, showcasing her dance athleticism.
  • Acting roles in “Step Up” (2006), “Take the Lead” (2006), and “Fab Five” (2008).
  • Starred in NBC’s “The Playboy Club” (2011) as Bunny Janie.
  • Featured in the film “The Jerk Theory” (2011).
  • Appeared in “10 Years” (2012) alongside Channing Tatum.
  • Joined “Witches of East End” (2013) and “Supergirl” (2015).
  • Co-founded 33andOut Productions, premiering “Earth Made of Glass” at Tribeca (2010).
  • Collaborated with Tatum on the YouTube Premium/Starz series “Step Up.”
  • Recent projects include “The Rookie” (2021) and executive-producing Lifetime’s “Let’s Get Physical” (2022).


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Personal life

Jenna Dewan’s career has blossomed both on and off the screen. After rising to fame in the dance film “Step Up” in 2006, she married co-star Channing Tatum in 2009 and welcomed their daughter in 2013. The couple announced their separation in 2018 and finalized their divorce in 2019.

Dewan found new love with actor Steve Kazee in 2018. They got engaged in 2020 and welcomed their son the same year. Exciting news arrived in January 2024, as Dewan revealed on Instagram that she and Kazee are expecting their second child together. While previously recognized by PETA as one of the “Sexiest Vegans” in 2017, her current dietary preferences are not publicly disclosed.


Bio – Personal Details


Age43 years old (in 2024)
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1980
Full NameJenna Lee Dewan
ProfessionActress, Dancer
BirthplaceHartford, Connecticut, United States
Zodiac SignSagittarius


Family Details and Marital Status


MotherNancy Lee Bursch
Brother Daniel Dewan, Shane Dewan, Nathan Dewan
Sister Missy Dewan
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandChanning Tatum (2009 – 2018)
No. of Children2
DaughterEverly Tatum
Son Callum Kazee


Jenna Dewan Lifetime Movie | Thrillers Continue to Grip Audiences Today
Jenna Dewan Lifetime Movie | Thrillers Continue to Grip Audiences Today



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Frequently Asked Questions on Jenna Dewan Lifetime Movie


1. How did your dance background jumpstart your acting career?

My dance training, especially working with amazing artists like Janet Jackson, gave me stage presence and athleticism. That opened doors to dance-focused films like “Step Up,” which wouldn’t have been possible without my dancing skills!

2. Can you tell us about your marriage to Channing Tatum and your life as co-parents?

We met on the set of “Step Up” and married in 2009, sharing beautiful moments and welcoming our daughter Everly in 2013. Though we separated in 2018, we’re dedicated co-parents who prioritize Everly’s happiness.

3. You’ve starred in dance movies, but what are some other acting projects you’re proud of?

I love exploring different genres! I played a witch in “Witches of East End,” donned a superhero cape as Lucy Lane in “Supergirl,” and tackled drama in the film “Let’s Get Physical.” Each project offered unique challenges and helped me expand my acting range.

4. You’re passionate about dancewear! How have you contributed to the world of dance fashion?

As a dancer myself, I understand the importance of stylish and functional clothing. Partnering with Danskin as their brand ambassador allowed me to promote dancewear that looks good and feels great while moving.

5. Tell us about your production company, 33andOut Productions.

I co-founded 33andOut with friends like Channing. We believe in diverse storytelling, from producing the documentary “Earth Made of Glass” to reviving “Step Up” for a new generation. It’s exciting to be behind the scenes and bring stories to life.


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