D-Day Approaches | EMERGENCY’ Release Date Declared | Get Ready for the Storm


Hold onto your seats, history buffs! Kangana Ranaut just dropped the bomb – the release date for “EMERGENCY” is June 14, 2024! Get ready to witness the epic rise of the “most feared & fiercest Prime Minister,” Indira Gandhi, as she electrifies the big screen. Prepare to be dazzled, intimidated, and maybe even a little awestruck – this is one cinema date you can’t miss. Refer Instagram

Initially “Emergency” was set to thunder into theaters on November 24, 2023. However, the date was shifted due to a confluence of factors.


Beyond the headlines

Beyond the headlines and political landscapes lies a woman at the helm – Indira Gandhi. “Emergency” is not just a historical epic, but an intimate exploration of the complexities and contradictions that defined this iconic figure.

Witness Kangana Ranaut’s transformative performance as she brings Indira Gandhi’s power, vulnerability, and unwavering resolve to life. Prepare to be challenged, captivated, and ultimately, moved by the story of a woman who shaped the course of a nation.


Kangana’s Indira Gandhi Takes Flight in “Emergency”

Critically acclaimed portrayal of Indira Gandhi: She has poured her heart and soul into the role and aims to deliver a nuanced and impactful performance that captures the essence of Indira Gandhi, both her power and vulnerability.



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