Joju George The Versatile Actor Redefining Malayalam Cinema.

Joju George | The Versatile Actor Redefining Malayalam Cinema

In the colorful world of Malayalam movies, Joju George captivates audiences with his incredible range and masterful performance. This actor wasn’t always a superstar.

He started out just like you, maybe even acting in school plays or pretending to be superheroes at home. But guess what? He kept practicing and getting better, and now everyone loves seeing him act in all kinds of movies, funny, scary, exciting – you name it.

Joju George is like a super cool actor in Malayalam movies! He proves that if you love acting and give it your all, you can do amazing things. Every time he’s in a movie, he doesn’t just make us laugh or cheer – he helps tell stories in a whole new way, making them even more exciting! Get ready to learn about Joju’s awesome journey and why everyone loves his acting!

Joju George: A Journey in Malayalam Cinema

Fueled by a childhood passion for acting, Joju George, a Kerala native, embarked on his artistic journey. Immersed in the vibrant culture of his homeland, Kerala, he developed a deep appreciation for the state’s rich storytelling tradition. This love for his roots would undoubtedly influence his future career path.

Joju George has been rocking the Malayalam film scene for over two decades! He’s like a chameleon, able to totally transform himself for each role. People love how believable he is, and critics agree he’s super talented.

Joju George put in a lot of effort to become a well-respected actor. But guess what? He’s not just about acting. Joju loves finding new ways to bring stories to life on screen. His performances aren’t just fun to watch, they can make you think too. That’s why he’s a big deal in making Malayalam movies even cooler and more meaningful.


Joju George The Versatile Actor Redefining Malayalam Cinema
Joju George The Versatile Actor Redefining Malayalam Cinema


Joju George: Early Life and Career Beginnings

Early Life:

Joju George was born in Thiruvalla, Kerala, India, where he grew up surrounded by Kerala’s rich culture and love for storytelling. From a young age, Joju loved acting and performing. Kerala is known for its beautiful traditions and arts, which inspired Joju very much. He spent his childhood exploring his passion for acting and entertainment, which eventually led him to become a successful actor in Malayalam movies.

Entry into Acting:

Joju George began his acting journey because he really loved it and wanted to do it. He started by acting in local theatre groups and small plays when he was young. His talent and hard work caught the attention of filmmakers, and soon he started acting in Malayalam movies. Joju George’s first roles showed how well he could become different characters and make them real. These early experiences helped him become a versatile actor loved by many, and he kept getting better with every new role he took on.

Career Development:

Joju George’s career in Malayalam movies has been a journey of learning and success. He started small but quickly showed how well he could act, making people really believe in his characters. Joju then started playing all kinds of roles, from serious dramas to funny comedies, and he always left a strong impression on the audience. People love watching him because he works hard and can act in many different ways. Joju George has become a very respected actor in the industry because he keeps trying new things and getting better with each movie. He’s known for pushing himself to do more and be better, which makes him an important part of Malayalam cinema.


Joju George New Movie – Joju George Malayalam Movie List

Joju George is a well-known actor in the Malayalam film industry, with a significant body of work spanning over two decades. Here is a comprehensive list of his movies along with their release years:

1995-2010: Early Roles and Supporting Actor

  • Mazhavil Kavadi (1995)
  • Dada Sahib (2000)
  • Anniyan (2005)
  • Lal Salam (1990)
  • Piravi (1988)

2010-2015: Establishing Presence

  • Nee Ko Njaa Cha (2013)
  • 1983 (2014)
  • RajadhiRaja (2014)
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri (2014)
  • Iyobinte Pusthakam (2014)
  • Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu (2014)
  • Oru Second Class Yathra (2015)
  • Lukka Chuppi (2015)
  • Jamna Pyari (2015)
  • Charlie (2015)

2016-2019: Breakthrough and Leading Roles

  • Action Hero Biju (2016)
  • Kavi Uddheshichathu..? (2016)
  • Pulimurugan (2016)
  • Kaadu Pookkunna Neram (2016)
  • Take Off (2017)
  • Ramante Edanthottam (2017)
  • Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum (2017)
  • Solo (2017)
  • Parava (2017)
  • Masterpiece (2017)
  • Joseph (2018)
  • Njan Marykutty (2018)
  • June (2019)
  • Chola (2019)
  • Porinju Mariam Jose (2019)

2020-Present: Continued Success

  • Kilometers and Kilometers (2020)
  • Halal Love Story (2020)
  • Nayattu (2021)
  • Madhuram (2021)
  • Malik (2021)
  • Churuli (2021)
  • Jagame Thandhiram (2021)
  • One (2021)
  • Pada (2022)
  • Adrishyam (2022)
  • Ullaasappoothirikal (2022)
  • Peace (2022)
  • Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyaadhaa (2022)
  • Freedom Fight (2022)
  • Aviyal (2022)

Joju George has also ventured into production with his company, Appu Pathu Pappu Production House, producing films like Joseph (2018), Chola (2019), and Madhuram (2021)​


Joju George Family

Actor Joju George is like a superhero in the Malayalam film industry! He has a wife named Abba Joju, and they got married in 2008. Together, they have a super team of three kids: Ian, Sarah, and Ivan. Even though Joju likes to keep his family life a bit secret (just like a superhero hiding their identity!), he always says that his family is his biggest superpower! They help him be the best actor he can be.


Joju George The Versatile Actor Redefining Malayalam Cinema.
The Versatile Actor Redefining Malayalam Cinema with family


Joju George car collection

Joju George, a renowned actor in the Malayalam film industry, boasts an impressive collection of luxury and performance vehicles. Here’s a detailed look at some of his prized possessions:

  • Porsche Cayenne: A luxury SUV known for its performance and comfort. Approximate value: ₹1.5 crores.
  • BMW M6: A high-performance coupe with sleek design and powerful engine. Estimated value: ₹1.8 crores.
  • Audi RS7: A sleek and powerful sports sedan, offering a blend of luxury and speed. Valued at approximately ₹1.9 crores.
  • Land Rover Range Rover Defender: A rugged and versatile SUV, perfect for both city and off-road driving. Worth around ₹80 lakhs.
  • Mitsubishi Pajero: A reliable and sturdy off-roader, ideal for adventurous drives. Valued at approximately ₹30 lakhs.
  • MINI Cooper Convertible: A stylish and compact convertible, known for its fun driving experience. Estimated value: ₹45 lakhs.
  • Jeep Wrangler: A classic and robust off-road vehicle, designed for tough terrains. Valued around ₹60 lakhs​
  • These cars highlight Joju George’s refined taste for luxury and high-performance vehicles.


Joju George is a superstar in Malayalam movies! He’s been acting for over 20 years, kind of like how you level up in a game. He started with small parts, but everyone noticed how talented he was. In 2018, his movie Joseph was a super hit, and he even won an award for best actor (like a gold medal.

Joju can play any kind of character, even the tricky ones, which makes him super cool! You might have seen him in movies like Nayattu, Porinju Mariam Jose, or Chola. These show how awesome he is at acting. He even helps make movies himself, like a movie manager.

Because Joju works so hard and loves what he does, he’s become one of the most respected actors in Malayalam cinema. That’s pretty amazing, right?


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