Simone Biles Flight Attendant | Mistaken for Child

Simone Biles Flight Attendant | Mistaken for Child

Simone Biles Flight Attendant | Mistaken for Child


Simone Biles flight attendant : In a comical yet somewhat frustrating incident, Simone Biles, the renowned seven-time Olympic medallist, found herself mistaken for a child by a flight attendant who offered her a coloring book during a recent flight.

Biles, who stands at a petite height of 4 feet 8 inches (around 1.42 meters), shared her incredulous reaction on her Instagram story.

She posted a photo with a bewildered expression, captioning it, “Not the flight attendant trying to give me a coloring book when I board… I said ‘no, I’m good, I’m 25.'”

Despite her small stature, Biles is one of the most recognizable athletes globally and recently received the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House.

President Joe Biden acknowledged her impressive medal count of 32 Olympic and World Championship medals during the ceremony.


Simone Biles Flight Attendant  | True Facts


The mix-up with the coloring book likely occurred while Biles was departing from Washington D.C., where the award ceremony took place.

It is worth noting that Biles was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom not only for her exceptional sporting achievements but also for her advocacy work in mental health and safety for athletes, support for children in the foster care system, and dedication to assisting victims of sexual assault.

Following the initial mishap, another flight attendant made amends by offering Biles a more fitting beverage—a mimosa. Biles humorously shared the resolution, stating, “The other flight attendant gave me a mimosa so we’re in the clear.”

The incident drew attention on social media, with YouTuber Matt Bernstein expressing his disbelief at the flight attendant’s actions.

He tweeted, “I’m crying at the thought of a flight attendant giving Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history, a coloring book because she is 4’8″.”

Despite such instances, Biles has come a long way from needing a coloring book for entertainment. She recently announced her engagement to NFL player Jonathan Owens, sharing the happy news on Instagram the day after Valentine’s Day.


Who is Simone Biles? – Olympics Gymnastics


Simone Biles Owens, born on March 14, 1997, is a talented gymnast from the United States. She has won seven medals in the Olympics, which is the same number as Shannon Miller, making them the most decorated American gymnasts in Olympic history.

Additionally, Biles has won a remarkable 25 medals in the Gymnastics World Championships, earning her the title of the most accomplished gymnast in the history of the competition. Many people believe she is the best gymnast ever.


Simone Biles


In Conclusion:


In summary, Simone Biles, an accomplished athlete and advocate, experienced an amusing case of mistaken identity during a flight when a flight attendant mistook her for a child and offered her a coloring book.

Despite the initial mix-up, the situation was resolved with a humorous twist, and Biles continues to make headlines with her incredible achievements both on and off the gymnastics mat.


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