Here’s Why Nick Kyrgios Is Good For Tennis

Here’s Why Nick Kyrgios Is Good For Tennis | The Special One


Nick Kyrgios is an Australian young sensation tennis player who is equally famous for his bad temper. He is also referred to as a bad boy of tennis in a similar rank to John McEnroe.

Here’s why Nick Kyrgios is good for tennis, the special one because he is an extremely talented tennis player and is a sure shot to climb up the number one rank player only if he can focus on his overall poor mental strength.

He’s not sure the most hated. But, he’s definitely up there in the ranks, freakish talent and household name already well-liked by the general public.

Technically speaking Nick is a prince, but how and why? Go on to read this article to learn more.


Here's Why Nick Kyrgios Is Good For Tennis


Nick Kyrgios Career


Nick is a family type of guy. He was born in the year 1995 on 27 April in Canberra, Australia, to a Greek origin George and Malay mother Norlaila, she was born in Gombak a district in Selangor, and later moved to Australia when she was in her 20s.

Nicks parents are of different origins. Dad is a Greek and his mother is a royal princess from Malaysia.

his father is a painter self-employed and his mother is a computer engineer.

They are three siblings and he picked up his first racket at the age of 6 years. Nick was described as a chubby little fellow. He found playing tennis a boring game.

Well, he wanted to become a basketball player but he gave up on tennis even though he disliked training in tennis.

But he continued playing and practising and at 10 years he was playing in Australian under 12 national championships.

During his junior career, he won the boy’s singles event at the Australian Open as well as the Wimbledon doubles in the year 2013.


Here's Why Nick Kyrgios Is Good For Tennis


Cincinnnati Meltdown


Nick Kyrgios was fined $113,000 for his obscenity-laden, racket smashing in the corridor and spitting at the umpire. This fine was the largest in ATP history.

To date, Nick has received fines stacking up close to $300,000 with the biggest fine coming for five separate incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct as the above mentioned. (Cincinnati Maters Tournament) the highest fine was ever given to any player.


Nick Kyrgios Net Worth


Nick Kyrgios might not be one of the top richest tennis players in the world, but he is a millionaire because he has got a super-duper hot girlfriend that everyone is talking about.

He fits into a luxurious lifestyle because of his royal family status and the next fact about Nick is he started his career at a very young age.

His first major break came in 2011 in the Australian Open in his debut grand slam win. In reality, just two years earlier he was not even focused on playing.


Defeated the Big Three


Whilst one needs to understand that Nick is one of the three tennis players in the entire world to defeat the big three, that is Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and that was the very first time he played each of them.

Nick has made money and right now his net worth is estimated at a whopping $ 10 million.

Besides Nick has also got a lot of endorsement deals in sports. He has endorsement deals with top companies such as Yonex, Nike, Beat and IMG.

Yonex offered Nick a deal that was six times bigger than his already laid down contract. Though the official numbers are not exactly disclosed it was reported to have made a deal of at least $200,000.

He has a house located in the Caribbean country in the Bahamas on the coast of Florida.

House is a wooden interior décor with a magnificent pool right in front. This house was purchased in the year 2016.

Besides he has another holiday house in his hometown, Canberra, Australia which is worth a staggering $583,000.

Next, another luxurious aspect of his lifestyle is his luxury cars. His luxurious car collections are worth over half a million dollars.

He owns Dodge Challenger SRT Demon worth $350,000. The Tesla Model X is worth $160,000 and the Nissan Model R35 GTR is worth $200,000.

Nick gives back to his community as well, he established a foundation in the area ‘The Nick Kyrgios Foundation’. It was established after the 2020 bushfire crisis in Australia.


Defeated the Big Three


Nick Kyrgios’ Poor Behaviour, What is the Reason?


Is he pretending to be the most entertaining guy on the tennis field? Well, maybe yes and no, he is surely an entertaining guy and likes to be friendly with everyone. Behind the curtains, he must be a gem of a person.

Seems he loves the camera and likes the crowd cheering for him the moment he picks something unusual.

He has said many times that “he loves his fans” but the very next minute he is yelling, abusing, swearing at then smashing his racket (showing the real side of him)

He is definitely much more talented and in fact the most talented player ever in the history of tennis

To be fair in my judgement, the new talented players are rude, spoilt, privileged, dickheads. You don’t get players like Federer, Nadal, and Murray anymore – grateful to their fans, humble, respectful to the game and everyone involved, and appreciative of where they are now, and how far they’ve come.

Nick is truly an extreme example of a culture that is developing around talented young sportsmen and women in this country now.


Kyrgios Character


According to Rafael Nadal quotes “(Kyrgios) lacks respect for the crowd, his opponent and towards himself.”

Novak Djokovi quotes “Honestly, I think deep down he is not such a bad guy, I don’t know why Kyrgios says all those things. Whether he is seeking attention or has some other motive, he obviously wants to be sincere and transparent.”

Roger Federer says “I don’t think he really knows exactly what his potential is. Only though understanding work ethic and scheduling, creating the right team around himself, can you unlock the potential.

Judge the man by his words and not his deeds. Nick himself reasons that his attitude towards tennis was imparted due to the death of his grandmother in 2015. She and his grandmother were very close and commented in an interview that he could’nt be with her during her final days.


Australian Institute of Sport Training Machine


Nowadays when a kid shows a talent for sport, they are starting down a road where they are the centre of existence in their own families and the massive machine that drives their training, mainly the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport).

It doesn’t matter what their characters are like, it only matters that they win. Their whole family’s lives revolve around them. Siblings are left out in the cold. Parents who have done nothing spectacular in their own lives have visions of living vicariously through the child. Well, their bad behaviour is put down to temperament and is often excused. Since they are ‘elite’ hence anything is fine and forgiven.

Well, lets talk about another more tragic factor involved here. For most of these kids, almost their entire lives have been completely focused on winning that gold medal or that grand slam tournament. They have been told all their lives they are guaranteed winners as long as they put in the work, because above all else, to be winners they need supreme self-confidence.


What Makes Nick Kyrgios so Good at Tennis?


Nick Kyrgios is not so good at tennis. Nick Kyrgios is just good at tennis. Why?! Because despite the very real fact he has one of the best servers in the history of tennis ( an amazing second serve too)


In Order to Become a Great Tennis Player, What Should Nick Do?


Nick has to focus a lot more and needs courage in his game to keep his cool. He defeated each of the Big 3, but that is not enough.

Also, Nick should also be calmer, and not be involved in silly conflicts with umpires. He must respect the spirit of tennis.

Remember, Djokovic is the best player because he has patience in his game. How well he knows how to play the long rallies and to return too. Better than Fedal! Nick should do the same thing then he will become a threat to the Big 3.

I hope he will be able to raise the level of his game and become a great player. He is a great talent so far.


Nicks Girlfriends


Nicks’s new girlfriend? It’s hard really hard to keep up with his love life. Just a few months back he was dating Croatian-Australian tennis player Ajla Tomljanic, but the two were rumoured to have broken off their relationship after Nicks’s loss at Wimbledon in the year 2017.

Later he began dating his last girlfriend Chiara Passari, and then broke off with her in late 2021.

Presently there’s a new girlfriend and her name is Costeen Hatzi. Now, Costeen Hatzi is a model, personal blogger and social media influencer.

The 21-year-old is also the founder of Casa Amor Interiors, a minimalist-style home décor firm. Very recently she received a bachelor’s degree in psychological science and amassed over 18,000 Instagram followers since dating Kyrgios.

Another interesting part to know is how the duo met. According to Casteen via an Instagram story, he was apparently scrolling through Instagram posts and saw my business account post.

He messaged and asked if the mirror was available for pick-up and then messaged my personal account asking the same thing.

It was a professional and friendly conversation and then he came to pick up the mirror from Sydney.

Then the rest is for all to see, love at first sight.

Finally, Nick believes that Costeen is the right one and he might go down on the knee soon. Let’s wait and watch the outcome. Hope she is not going to join Nick’s long list of exes.



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