Lorna Cordeiro: The Melodic Journey of the Nightingale

Lorna Cordeiro: The Melodic Journey of the Nightingale

Lorna Cordeiro: The Melodic Journey of the Nightingale


Lorna Cordeiro, known as the Nightingale of Goa, is a renowned Konkani language singer hailing from the coastal state of Goa. Born on August 9, 1944, in Tabravaddo Saligao Bardez, Goa, she has gained fame as a jazz-pop star and playback singer.

Lorna’s musical journey began at a young age, as she showed a keen interest in singing. She participated in church choir groups and family prayer meetings, earning recognition within her family circles.

Coming from a family of musicians, with her father Theophillus Cordeiro belonging to a musical background, Lorna inherited a passion for music.

Raised in a talented family of six children, Lorna’s talent was recognized by her supportive parents and her sister Jean, who was a crooner in a different band. Her mother, Cecelia Cordeiro, lived to be 89 years old before passing away on March 4, 2002.



Lorna Cordeiro
Lorna Cordeiro





Lorna Cordeiro’s first breakthrough came when she participated in a soundalike competition at Metro cinema in Mumbai during her school days.

She won the Connie Francis award, which marked the beginning of her singing career. She then sang at weddings with a local band called “Bajaj and his Dance Band” in Mumbai.

Her rise to fame accelerated when musician and compere Raymond Albuquerque heard her rendition of the popular English song “Where the Boys Are” during her performance on Marve Beach in Mumbai.

Impressed by her talent, Albuquerque invited Lorna to perform at his shows, including the one at “Wigwam” in Bandra Mount Mary’s feast in September.

Lorna captivated audiences with her English singing wherever she performed.

The pivotal moment in Lorna’s career came with the entry of Chris Perry in 1962 when she was around 16 or 17 years old.


Lorna and Chris Perry Affair


Perry, a married man at the age of 33, became Lorna’s musical partner and mentor. They performed together for the next nine years, during which time Perry had Lorna sign a contract that ultimately made her life miserable.

As a result, Lorna went into exile on August 9, 1973, as she was not allowed to sing due to the contract she had signed with Chris.

Lorna’s career took a tragic turn as her relationship with Chris Perry became tumultuous. Chris, being married with three children, brought turmoil into Lorna’s life and his own.

They fought and became mortal enemies. Lorna turned to alcohol and disappeared from the music scene in Goa. Rumors circulated that she had settled in Canada, but the truth remained unknown.

Lorna’s famous career came to an abrupt halt in 1972/73, and for decades, she remained out of the public eye, leading many to speculate about her whereabouts or assume she had passed away.

After a long hiatus, Lorna made a comeback to the music world in 1995 with a new album titled “Hello Lorna.” Her return show took place at Miramar Panjim, and the venue was filled to capacity with excited fans.

Many had believed that she was dead, so seeing her alive was a surreal and joyous experience for her admirers.


Lorna with Chris Perry
Lorna with Chris Perry


A Memorable Encounter with Lorna


I had a personal connection with Lorna Cordeiro as a devoted fan. When I decided to launch my debut Konkani video album, she was the first person I approached.

I composed two songs specifically with her in mind: the title song of my album, “Ronnie Ronnie Do You Love Me,” and another called “Viva Carnival.” Although Lorna couldn’t come to Goa due to her other commitments, I had the privilege of recording both songs in Mumbai.

Finally, I had the opportunity to meet Lorna in person when she visited Goa


Quick Facts about Lorna Cordeiro:


Date of Birth: August 9, 1946
Place of Birth: Mumbai, India
Country: India
Profession: Singer
Birth Sign: Capricorn

Parents: Cecelia Cordeiro, Theophilus Cordeiro
Siblings: Not Available
Spouse: Not Married
Children(s) : No Children




1- Lorna Cordeiro, born on August 9, 1944, in Goa, India, is a legendary Konkani language singer.

2- She earned the title “Nightingale of Goa” due to her mesmerizing and soulful voice.

3- Lorna gained fame not only in Goa but also internationally as a jazz-pop star and playback singer.

4- Her musical journey began at a young age, singing in church choirs and family prayer meetings.

5- Lorna’s father, Theophillus Cordeiro, came from a family of musicians, and her grandfather was a jazz enthusiast.

6- She started her professional singing career by performing at weddings with a local band called “Bajaj and his Dance Band” in Mumbai.

7- Lorna’s breakthrough came when she caught the attention of musician Raymond Albuquerque, who invited her to perform at various shows, including the “Wigwam” in Bandra Mount Mary’s feast.

8- Lorna’s partnership with musician Chris Perry was a turning point in her career. They performed together for nine years and created numerous hit songs.

9- She faced personal struggles and went into exile in 1973 due to a contract signed with Chris Perry, which restricted her from singing.

10- After a hiatus, Lorna made a remarkable comeback in 1995 with her album “Hello Lorna,” marking her return to the music industry after more than two decades.

These facts highlight Lorna Cordeiro’s exceptional talent, resilience, and contribution to the world of music, making her an iconic figure in Goan music history.



In Conclusion:


In conclusion, Lorna Cordeiro, the Nightingale of Goa, has left an indelible mark on the Konkani music scene. Her powerful and melodious voice, coupled with her unique style and stage presence, have made her a living legend in Goa and beyond.

Despite facing personal struggles and setbacks in her career, Lorna’s passion for music remained unwavering, leading to her triumphant return after a long hiatus.

Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and a testament to the enduring power of music. Lorna Cordeiro’s legacy as the Nightingale of Goa will continue to resonate with generations to come, ensuring that her melodious voice will always be remembered and cherished.


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