Kylie Jenner Son

Kylie Jenner Son | Biggest Mystery of 2022

Kylie Jenner Son | Biggest Mystery of 2022


Kylie Jenner’s Son, is she doing the right thing by protecting her son from these social media vultures? or is Kylie Jenner  ashamed of her son? Her son’s identity is becoming a real mystery in 2022. Her son’s photos are still not seen on social media platforms and the reason is not yet known but it is certainly creating a lot of confusion for her loyal fans.  if that is the reason then why so. Let’s continue to read a little more about Kylies son in this article.


Kylie Jenner Son


Kylie Jenner Son Name


Kylie is still hiding her son’s name from this world. When her son was born she made an announcement on Instagram that his name was Wolf Webster. Now the confusion starts here, Kylies former friend Tammy Hembrow also had a six-year-old son named Wolf.

Kylie was accused of stealing Tammy’s son’s name and later after a few days, Kylie announced that she was changing her son’s name and his name is not Wolf anymore.


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Kylie is so careful that she does not call her son by his name publicly instead she just calls him my baby.

In an interview, she mentioned that she has not changed her son’s name legally and does not want to keep changing it therefore, his name remains Wolf. But she has also mentioned that Wolf is not going to be his name.


Kylie Jenner Son Name Wolf


She has posted a few pictures of her son on Instagram without showing his face. Now there are speculations as to why Kylie has been so secretive about her son.

Is her son not cute enough or he has some kind of physical deformity or he does not fit their statics? Well, it may seem kind of wild even to think in that sense really.

Actually, Kylie had kept her son’s birth secretive for a while  but she only announced when the family needed to shift attention away from Kanye West’s media attacks on Kim Kanye. Is Kylie going to use her son as another wild card in future?

The Kardashian families are masters when it comes to media manipulations.

Here is another thought, the Kardashian family doesn’t care much for the male children that include her sisters and mom.

Kylie has gone one step further and has admitted that the reason for hiding her son is that she wants to be more private. Is she going to keep her son anonymous forever? Time can only tell.


Kylie Jenner Son


 Kylie Jenner Son New Name


Initially, Kylie announced her son’s name as Wolf Webster. But then after a few days, she made this post on her Instagram account.

Quote “Fyi (Following for information) our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore, we just really didn’t feel like it was him just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere”.


Kylie Jenner Son


Kylie Jenner Son Middle Name


His middle name is Jacques (Wolf Jacques Webster) This is confirmed in accordance with a copy of his birth certificate obtained by TMZ.


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Kylie Jenner Son Photo


We were lucky to see Kylie Jenner’s son’s latest pic here but that too just his partial back portion. This pic was posted on her Instagram account on fathers day.



Kylie Jenner Son Video


We found this video of her, please watch it here.



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