MOG: Where Romance Dances with Shadows - A Konkani Film Coming Soon

#MOG: Where Romance Dances with Shadows – A Konkani Film Coming Soon


Life in Goa is rarely black and white, let alone the dough Celina kneads for her family’s bakery. But her sun-kissed world erupts when estranged NRI chef Lionel returns, burdened by grief and a burning resentment towards his late father.

Their paths collide like spices in a simmering pot. Celina, vibrant and full of life, finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Lionel. Their love blossoms amid the aroma of freshly baked bread and the beat of her musical reels. Yet, a shadow lurks beneath the surface, held captive by Celina’s father, Anthony.

The secret he harbors is an unwelcome guest at their love feast. Can love survive when trust crumbles like over-proofed dough? Will Lionel walk away, his heart as bitter as the burnt offerings of betrayed promises?


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Get Ready to Fall (and Gasp): #MOG, a Konkani Love Story with a Shocking Revelation


#MOG is more than a Konkani love story. It’s a poignant tapestry woven with family ties, hidden truths, and the bittersweet yearning for forgiveness. Witness the dance of emotions as secrets spill like fiery vindaloo, shattering bonds and forcing hearts to confront their deepest desires.

Join Bharath and Nakshatra Medhekar as they bring Celina and Lionel’s story to life, their journey guided by the masterful lens of Shinjini Paul and the pulsating melodies of Denis Vallaban A. Let #MOG take you on a cinematic spice-trail, where love simmers amidst hidden pasts, and redemption hangs in the delicate balance of trust and truth.


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#MOG is a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll, a reminder that love, like the spices in a Goan curry, can be both sweet and searing, and sometimes, the most delicious dishes come with the most unexpected ingredients.

Get ready to experience #MOG, a Konkani film that promises a love story as unforgettable as the taste of a Goan sunset.

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