Prabhas Reveals Marriage Plans Amidst Dating Speculations with Co-star Kriti Sanon

Prabhas Reveals Marriage Plans Amidst Dating Speculations with Co-star Kriti Sanon

Prabhas Reveals Marriage Plans Amidst Dating Speculations with Co-star Kriti Sanon


Bollywood heartthrob Prabhas, who has been making headlines with his upcoming film “Adipurush,” recently addressed the swirling rumors about his dating life and shed light on his plans for marriage.

During the trailer launch of the highly anticipated movie, Prabhas made significant revelations about his future nuptials, putting an end to the speculations that have been circulating in the media.

In a surprising announcement, Prabhas disclosed his intention to tie the knot in the near future. The actor revealed that he holds a special connection to the holy city of Tirupati and expressed his desire to have his wedding ceremony take place there.

Known for its spiritual significance, the famous Tirupati temple is set amidst picturesque surroundings, making it a befitting venue for the much-anticipated event.

Prabhas’ revelation comes amidst persistent rumors surrounding his alleged romantic involvement with his “Adipurush” co-star, Kriti Sanon.

However, the actor took the opportunity to address these speculations and clarify the nature of his relationship with Sanon. Prabhas categorically stated that while he shares a deep bond and great camaraderie with Kriti Sanon, there is no romantic entanglement between them.

He emphasized their friendship and put an end to the unfounded rumors that have been making the rounds.

During the same event, Kriti Sanon also took a moment to commend Prabhas for his down-to-earth nature, dispelling any misconceptions about his personality.


Kriti Sanon Heaps Praises on Prabhas


She praised Prabhas’ humility and described him as a warm and genuine person, further strengthening the bond between the two actors.

Prabhas’ marriage announcement has generated immense excitement among his legions of fans, who eagerly await further details about the big day.

With his captivating on-screen presence and off-screen charisma, Prabhas has garnered a massive following not only in India but also globally.

The news of his impending nuptials has sent ripples of joy throughout the Bollywood industry and among his devoted fan base.

As the wedding day approaches, all eyes will be on Prabhas and the updates surrounding this special event. Fans and the media alike are eager to witness this significant milestone in the life of one of India’s most adored actors.

Prabhas’ impending marriage promises to be a grand affair, symbolizing a new chapter in his personal life.

With “Adipurush” already generating immense anticipation, Prabhas’ revelation about his marriage plans adds a new layer of excitement to the film’s promotion.

As fans eagerly await both the movie and the actor’s wedding, the coming months promise to be filled with joyous celebrations and memorable moments in the life of Prabhas.


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